A CCTV footage showing the last moments of the missing Somali-American businessman Mohamud Bashir, whose car was found burnt at Ngong Forest, has emerged.

In the footage, some mysterious men are seen spying on Bashir at Miale Lounge in Lavington, where he was meeting some friends.

The mysterious men, who were communicating on phone, looked suspicious.

Bashir left the popular joint at around 6:50 p.m. and a few minutes after his departure, his Range Rover was abruptly stopped outside the entertainment joint, indicating that suspicious activity was taking place.

CCTV camera also captured passers-by looking in the direction, indicating that something unusual was taking place.

Bashir’s lawyer, Alibaya Hassan, revealed that the mysterious men who were captured on CCTV looked suspicious and on a mission.

“You realise in various instances, there are a couple of people who are triangulating and are all on mobile phones. Conversations are ongoing and everyone looks quite jittery.

“It looks as though they are on a stakeout, watching out, waiting for something to happen,” he said, adding that the men captured on CCTV might be ATPU officers.

The missing businessman reportedly called his wife after his car was blocked soon after leaving Miale Lounge but the phone went off minutes later.

Bashir has been missing since May 13th.

Here’s a story compiled by Citizen TV tracing Bashir’s last moments before he disappeared.