Former Inooro TV anchor, Muthoni Wa Mukiri, breathed fire and blasted Nation for using her photo on a story without her permission.

The story was about a lady’s confession on how she dated a narcissist and instead of practising responsible journalism, the editor splashed Muthoni Wa Mukiri’s photo as the cover image to the story to attract readers.

The pretty anchor felt disrespected after spotting her photo being used without her consent on a story that she was not part of.

She took to social media and blasted the Nation and urged the editor to pull down her photo immediately.

“What kind of nonsense is this? Clout chasing using my photo. Can you take down my photo. Such a shame,” she wrote.

In reputable media houses, it’s unethical to use someone’s photo without their consent.

Nation has of late been facing credibility issues after rebranding.

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