Mejja – Tabia Za Wa kenya (Kanairo) Video Download.


Mejja – Tabia Za WaKenya (Kanairo) Mp3 Download

Mejja’s real name is Mejja Meme Hadhija. Turns out he is the last born out of three kids, would you have guessed that? He hails from Majengo in Nyeri Town but that has not stopped him from becoming a strong household music name and mogul in Kenya.

Mejja’s a Dad! He is a father to a beautiful daughter whom he consistenly adorably posts on social media.

He forms a third of popular music group “The Kansoul” who currently riding high on their latest act “Accelerator” featuring Vivian.

Mejja - Tabia Za Wa kenya

From selling groundnuts to making crowds go nuts.

Mejja comes from a poor background:” I come from the ghetto, manze mimi nimeuzia groundnuts, nimeweka posters kwa club za Jua cali, napewa food ama 50 bob’’ and he is not ashamed of his background. His music dreams started quite early; primary school to be precise where he formed a duo group christened “Ghetto Clan” with his brother Wambugu.

So how did he get his break? Mejja got hosted in Nairobi by Clemmo and his wife in his early days in Nairobi and like they say the rest is history. Today, he sits at the big table of “A” lists Celebs in the country and beyond with packed performances in the region after a number of club bangers as a solo artist, with The Kansoul Group or collaborations with the likes of King kaka, Jua Cali, Vivian, Creme de la Crème etc.

Mejja’s definitely is a crowd puller and often comes across as a comical character which cements his position as the main attraction The Kansoul.  He has a great passion for the youth as evidenced in numerous projects with upcoming artists; Ochungulo family, Ethic, Boondoks gang among others.

The Chatspot all girl gang of Nzula Makosi, Kush Tracey, Noni Gathoni and Jackie Matubia had the opportunity to play host to Mejja and he went on to say that Music has literally saved him from a lot of things. He also revealed that the Kansoul trio was working on a song with Zambian Artist J-Rox. We did our homework and he is known for his crazy word play and his sick beats, which have been driving the Zambian hip hop community crazy. We definitely can’t wait for that jam!

Here’s the full interview!

Author Courtesy: Staphey Wairimu