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Drama as Stolen Tv Remains Stuck on Thief’s Head


A suspected thief shocked residents of Rongai in Kajiado County when a television set
he had stolen got stuck on his head for over five hours. The thief is said to be a notorious
thug in the area and despite the calls of the residents to the authorities to arrest him
nothing has been done so far.

A few residents whom I spoke to said that they have been losing their items day in day
out. “Siku za mwizi ni Arubanne” as the Swahili proverb explains, things turned agonist
the thief’s expectations when a witch doctor casted a spell on instructions of a

It was alleged that the man, who hails from Kiserian town in Kajiado County had moved
to Ong’ata Rongai in just a months’ time, and that complaints of theft started surging in
the area. The residents said at one point he was caught read-handed having broken into
a house of one of them.

Steve Biko, the owner of the television set said he resorted to the witchdoctor’s charm as
he had lost many valuables through theft. He said before he knew of the witchdoctor, he
used to report theft matters to the police who did nothing.

“The police always gave me empty promises that didn’t bear fruits, imagine losing a car
just that way how would you feel?” he posed.
Today, Biko disclosed that he now leaves his gate wide open, and many times he do not
lock the door at night but nobody can dare enter his compound.

“I contacted a witch doctor, Doctor Kiwanga whom I had learnt about through a close
friend,” he added.

Biko further advised people whose properties were being stolen to visit Kiwanga Doctors
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