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Bobi Wine – Akatengo [Mp3 Download]

Bobi Wine - Akatengo [Mp3 Download]

Bobi Wine – katengo [Video Download].


Bobi Wine – Katengo [Mp3 Download]

The National Unity Platform president, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine has rallied his supporters to stand up and stand out in his latest release.

In the new song produced by his friend Dan Magic who is currently in jail for committing crimes against the state, the singer turned politician urges his comrades in the struggle to change leader to not loose guard.

“This song was 60% finished when Dan Magic was taken to jail as a political prisoner. Today I will release this song in honour of him and all the fearless young men and women who continue to languish in prison for no reason, BObi Wine stated as he released ‘Katengo’.

“Akatengo” is a luganda slang literally meaning ‘immense fear’. According to Bobi Wine, his new song is a motivational truck for all people who believe in political change in the country to keep their hopes alive since anytime, they will reach the promised land.

Bobi Wine, with his rebellious and resilient character, questions the current political rule in the Pearl of Africa marred by violence, political persecution, lack of democracy and injustices orchestrated by the NRM government thereby encouraging those yearning for change not to give up.

The NUP principal rallied upon all Ugandans to forego the strong fear within themselves if they are to effect political change in Uganda.

Bobi Wine - Akatengo [Mp3 Download]