Flamboyant city preachers Bishop Allan Kiuna and his wife, Kathy, have once again been put on the spot for brainwashing their congregants.

A concerned Kenyan wrote on a popular Facebook group narrating how her sister was brainwashed and her life destroyed after joining Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) that is owned by the two preachers.

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Her sister would give half of her money to the church and even take loans to bankroll the church.

Every time her husband, who works abroad, sent her money, she would give half of the money to the church instead of investing.

Her husband got fed up with her behaviors after discovering that she was literally worshipping Kiuna and his wife and divorced her.

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After some years, she quit Kiuna’s church after realizing that they had messed up her life and marriage.

These days, she doesn’t want to hear anything about JCC and the two con preachers.

Here’s what the concerned Kenyan wrote.