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My Husband Was God-Fearing Until He Met Cate Waruguru – Njoki Reveals How The Controversial Woman Rep Destroyed Her Marriage, Causing Her Pain And Misery

My husband was God-fearing until he met CATE WARUGURU – NJOKI reveals how the controversial Woman Rep destroyed her marriage, causing her pain and misery

Zippy Njoki, a businesswoman based in Mombasa, has accused Laikipia Woman Representative Cate Waruguru of destroying her marriage and causing her pain and misery.

According to Zippy, her husband Peter Waweru Njogu, who is a renowned businessman from Kirinyaga, was a God-fearing and responsible family man until he met Cate Waruguru.

Waweru abandoned his wife and kids in Mombasa last year and went to live with the Woman Rep in Nairobi.

During Waweru’s graduation ceremony last year, Zippy and her children were not invited or mentioned.

Waweru was flanked by his new catch, Cate, during the colourful ceremony.

“He confessed that he had found a new catch in 2019 and moved out in 2020,’’ Zippy said and added that she got married to Waweru in 2010 through a church wedding and they have three kids.

After Waweru abandoned her and their three kids, she opted to move on with life until a few days ago when she was attacked by Waruguru and her ex-husband, when they were trying to evict her from her matrimonial home in Mombasa County.

Zippy reported the incident at Bamburi Police Station and according to the police report, she claims that her estranged husband Peter Waweru Njogu stormed her home at noon in the company of Laikipia Woman Representative and four other people, attacked her, and damaged her phone worth Sh 121, 000.

The matter is under investigation.

On Valentines Day this year, Waruguru enjoyed a good time with Peter Waweru and wished him a happy lover’s day – indicating that they are madly in love.

She posted a photo driving in a luxury vehicle with the businessman on Valentine’s Day and captioned it, “ Happy Lover’s Day my hun,”.