Renowned Kenyan music producer, Visita, is reportedly in dire need of help after he was chased away from a local hospital at night.

According to Pizo Dizo, a famous female rapper who shot to fame through a hit song dubbed Chali Stingy, Visita is ailing but he has no money to seek medical services.

When he was rushed to the hospital yesterday, he was turned away since he had no money to facilitate his admission.

Visita is behind many hits songs such as Kamua Leo, Maswali ya Polisi, Mapepo among others.

He also produced the famous Jubilee Anthem campaign song for Uhuru and Ruto when they were campaigning in 2017.

Pizo Dizo pleaded with her fans to contribute money for the renowned music producer so that he can be admitted to the hospital.


Visita’s downfall started when he left Granpa Records – a record label that is owned by music entrepreneur Refigah and turned into an alcoholic.