Robison Simiyu Wanjala emerged as the best student in the just-released 2020 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) results.

But even as the dust settles on the pomp and funfair for the top student, details have emerged regarding the Sh50,000 that Murang’a High School Principal offered the top student to ensure he became number one in the country.

Robinson Simiyu Wanjala was allegedly summoned by his school’s administration and given monetary incentives.

Before sitting his exam, Simiyu is said to have received a post-dated cheque of KSh50,000 from the Murang’a High School’s Deputy Principal, Mr. Charles Karanja.

The cheque issued as an incentive would then be his award if he topped the country and indeed he did it.

While this, in itself, isn’t an illegality, it is expected to raise questions on the morality of the entire issue, and whether this sends the correct message to other younger students.

Speaking during the interview, Robinson listed his motivation to perform better as the need to fulfill his dreams and also the support which he received from friends and family.

However, the emergence of these latest revelations now bring into question the veracity of his earlier claims, and whether indeed, his push to perform well was entirely altruistic, or if it had the promise of material gain laced around it in the form of the now-famous 50,000 postdated cheque.