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Cate Waruguru’s Troubled Love Life Exposed After She Stormed The Home Of Her Boyfriend’s Ex-Wife With Goons, Assaulted Her, And Tried To Evict Her

CATE WARUGURU’s troubled love life exposed after she stormed the home of her boyfriend’s ex-wife with goons, assaulted her, and tried to evict her

Laikipia Woman Rep, Cate Waruguru, caused drama after she stormed the home of the ex-wife to her current boyfriend and tried to evict her.

According to information shared online by Dennis Itumbi, the vocal Woman Rep was dressed in a buibui to disguise her identity.

She stormed the house of the woman identified as, Ziporah Njoki, a resident of Utange in Mombasa, breathing fire while in the company of goons and attempted to evict her.

Waruguru reportedly assaulted Njoki and broke her expensive phone worth Ksh 121,000.

Njoki was rescued by her neighbours.

She then went to a local police station and reported the matter.

The controversial Woman Rep has been harassing her boyfriend’s ex-wife.

She had earlier written to Kenya Power, urging them to disconnect power at Njoki’s home.

Waruguru is a well-known husband snatcher and homewrecker.

She was dumped by her husband, who is a renowned lawyer in Rift Valley, for siring a kid out of wedlock.

Waruguru started having troubles in her marriage after her husband requested a DNA test for their newborn baby.

DNA results proved that she had sired a kid out of wedlock, prompting her husband to divorce her.

Waruguru targets married men since in her previous marriage, she was married as a second wife.

Here are tweets posted by Itumbi exposed the vocal Woman Rep.