An undercover cop has spilled more dirt on the 4 deceased Kitengela criminal friends and their partners in crime.

According to the cop, there’s a notorious gangster identified as Oscar Wa Mashash and another lethal female gangster identified as Shazra, who aided the infamous Kitengela 4 to carry out criminal activities in the city.

Shazra was used by the 4 criminals to identity rich men and lure them.

She would lure her male victims to entertainment joints and then alert the 4 criminals, who would then abduct the victims at gunpoint and rob them.

Some of the victims were abducted and killed by ruthless criminals.

Oscar Wa Mashash also worked closely with the Kitengela quartet and he is said to be a resident of Umoja.

Here are photos of the Kitengela 4 partners in crime, Oscar and Shazra.