Renowned media mogul and billionaire, SK Macharia, is embroiled in an ugly despite with his late son’s wife and her teenage son over a property.

SK Macharia’s late son, John Gichia Macharia, who died in a grisly road accident in 2018, was an accomplished businessman with various successful business ventures.

When he died, his son Adam Kamau was 17 years and being a minor, he couldn’t pursue his late dad’s wealth.

Adam, who is now 21 years old, is engaged in a dispute with his billionaire grandfather over vast wealth that was left by his late father.

At stake in the court case, are billions in real estate, property, and shares in private companies including Directline Assurance, Kenya’s largest PSV underwriter, where Gichia was the largest shareholder with a 70 percent stake.

SK’s Royal Media Services holds a minority nine percent stake, but Adam has accused his grandfather of taking over the running of the company, according to his suit papers.

Gichia also left Sh315 million in life insurance and Sh67 million under his pension to Adam.

That money, Sh382 million in total, was paid to Directline Assurance which SK wants to control and which is part of the inheritance dispute with his grandson.

His beef with SK has also extended to the properties his father left including the Loresho home from where SK is evicting him and his mother, former Kiss FM presenter, Lisa Anyango Amenya, now the marketing manager at MTV Base.

SK Macharia is also demanding the return of eight cars that his late son registered under his wife’s name.

The high-end cars include two Range Rovers, two Land Rovers, a BMW, Jaguar, Jeep, and Porsche.