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Watch Video As A Frustrated Female Police Officer Demands Resignation Before She Commits Suicide

Nimechoka: A frustrated female police officer demands resignation before she commits suicide (VIDEO)

A female police officer who is based in Mombasa has shocked Kenyans after she posted a video narrating how she has made unsuccessful attempts to get a resignation from the National Police Service.

In a video that has spread online like a bushfire, the frustrated cop is heard ranting how she has been pushed to the limits, adding that she is tired of serving in the disciplined force.

“Inspector general nisaidie tu nitoke kwa hi kazi ya polisi kwa sababu nimechoka na nikienda nje naeza perform vizuri sana. Naeza fanya vitu zangu, sitaki kazi ya polisi, pesa zangu wacha wachukue Mungu atawaauliza pesa zangu.

(Inspector general of police help me quit this job because I am exhausted and I feel that I will be more productive outside the police service. I don’t want this job, I can do other things and they can take their money if they so wish they will be answerable to God.),” she rants.

She further said that she doesn’t want to commit suicide or kill her colleagues because of frustrations and that’s why she just wants to resign peacefully and concentrate on her other things in life.

“I don’t want to kill my fellow police officers or hurt anyone not even myself, all I want is to be out of this frustrating job because the internal affairs offices are rotten and full of corruption, I have written several resignation letters but no one cares, nataka kutoka nifanye biashara zangu,” she added.

Here’s the video.