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I Reclaimed My Property From Inlaws After My Husband’s Death

I Reclaimed my Property From Inlaws After my Husband’s Death

I was widowed 10 years ago after my husband Johnston Ligeve was murdered during the  tribal clashes of 2007/2008. Life has been different ever since that loss. 

I have remained an unwanted woman in his family. For example in the initial weeks  after the death of my spouse, I had a lot of stress, confusion and fear. I have since been humiliated in many ways. I feel too lonely with nobody to share life with my  predicaments. God encouragement from some good friends and church members has helped me to get through the pain of my loss. 

To be a widow in this country is like a curse, you will be isolated by people, oppressed  and denied your rights by those whom you though could be there for you. Your property  will be grabbed talk about land and any other savings left by your man will all be taken  by his family. They don’t care if you have kids or not. 

My efforts to get justice never bore fruits as from time to time I could be turned away by  Local government officials, who would ask me for bribes to help me. I knew my in-laws had bribed them all. 

Frustrated, I went to Nairobi to try getting a job so that I could raise my kids. Well, I got  myself in Kenya’s largest slum of Kibera where everything was unbearable than  expected. I could be washing a whole bunch of clothes in the neighboring high class  residential for only one US dollar. It was tough since I was also having health issues with  by back and chest. 

Back at home, I got a call from my neighbor that my family had now grabbed everything  including the house I was left with. I had nowhere to run to for justice. One day, I saw a  poster of Kiwanga Doctors whose contents were attractive to my eyes. They described  everything I was going through and so I called them using the number on the poster. The lead doctor who picked my desperate call said it was simple and that in two days the  perpetrators would return all they took from me. Two days later, I received a phone call  from the local chief asking me to be back and take my properties. Thanks Kiwanga  Doctors for helping me reclaim my property. 

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