Popular Kamba gospel singer, Justina Syokau, is desperately begging for financial help from well-wishers after going broke.

Speaking in an interview with a famous YouTuber, Syokau shed tears while narrating how hefty hospital bills have left her penniless.

Syokau claims that she has been ailing since the year started.

The singer broke down while narrating how friends deserted her when she sought help and added that she can’t afford to pay rent and educate her son.

But even as Syokau desperately begs for help, a past video of her bragging that she can’t date broke men has emerged.

In the video where she was being interviewed by Milele FM presenter Chris Da Bass, the singer brags how she is rich and so, any man coming to her life must be financially stable.

Back then, she was topping charts with her hit song Twendi Twendi.

As they say, the internet never forgets.

Watch the video.