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Phone Details Reveal The Last Moments Of The Kitengela 4 In The Hands Of Their Abductors – What Were They Looking For In Their Phones?


Detectives have established that the four men who were abducted in Kitengela were first taken to Kajiado town, about 40 Kilometres away after analyzing their mobile phone communication.

According to preliminary investigations, the mobile phones of the four were switched off between 4 pm and 5 pm along Namanga highway on April 19, the day they were abducted.

Odour’s mobile phone was switched off in Korompoi which is located just 10 kilometers from the Kitengela club where the four were having lunch.

That belonging to Ochieng was switched off at Kisaju, 18 kilometers from Kitengela while Imbai’s phone went off at Alma near Kajiado Town, about 37 kilometers from Kitengela.

Obuong’s phone was switched off near the Post Office in Kajiado Town.

From the mobile phone analysis and the time they were switched off, it appears the abductors were going through their phones with the sole purpose of getting access to information that so far has not been established.

Detectives believe the four were bundled into two different vehicles after they were abducted.

Three bodies have so far been retrieved.

All the bodies were in gunny bags with their wrists missing apart from Obuong’s body, suggesting they were tortured.