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“I Eat My Baby Mama Every Time She Brings Our Son”, I Have Evidence – Odongo Engaged In An Ugly Online War With His Baby Mama’s Husband


The internet has erupted after controversial Facebook blogger Maxwell Ochieng Odongo was engaged in an ugly online war with his baby mama’s husband, identified as Dan.

Ochieng is infuriated after his baby mama’s husband refused her to take their son to see him ahead of school re-opening.

Ochieng, the biological father, also claims that his baby mama’s husband went to Citam Schools where his son studies and told the teacher to change the boy’s last name from Ochieng to Dan.

Ochieng told Dan that he chews his baby mama (Sophy) every time she brings their son to his house and threatened to release evidence.He further told Dan how Sophy badmouths him, calling him infertile since they have not sired a kid despite being married for 5 years.

Here are screenshots of the ugly drama- if you are planning to marry someone’s baby mama, think twice.