Detectives investigating an incident where a guard died when popular actor Ainea Ojiambo was involved in a gun drama with thugs in Nairobi Central Business District have gathered new evidence.

According to a senior detective involved in the probe, the guard could have been shot dead by one of the two thugs who attacked the actor and attempted to snatch his gold chain.

Detectives believe that the thugs were also armed when they confronted him.

“We have taken the cartridges to the ballistics so that we can establish which gun fired, killing the guard.

“There is a possibility that the thugs also had a gun,” the detective said.

Ojiambo, in his statement, told detectives that he shot one of the thugs, who managed to escape with a bullet wound during the robbery incident.

Ojiambo insisted that he only fired one bullet.

The actor’s lawyer, Cliff Ombeta, said that some witnesses alleged that they had more than two shots during the shootout.

Ombeta wants detectives to conduct a ballistic test on his client’s gun to establish whether he is the one who fired the bullet that killed the guard.

“Police have to confirm that the guns and ammunition involved were my clients.

“There are reports alleging that there was more than one gun involved. At the moment the witnesses said they heard more than two shots,” he disclosed.

Ojiambo was rescued by police after a mob threatened to lynch him for misusing his firearm.

The renowned actor is a trained weapon expert.