Acting Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu has set tongues wagging after sneaking basic grammar questions into the ongoing Supreme Court Judge interviews.

A grammatical question came up during the interview of Justice Alice Yano, who was on the hot seat yesterday afternoon gunning for the Judge of the Supreme Court position.

In her line of questioning, Mwilu put Yano to task to explain what the plural of the word counsel is.

“One advocate is called advocate and two are called advocates. Another name of advocates is counsel… What is the plural of counsel,” questioned Mwilu.

In all honesty, Yano admitted that it was the first time she had been hit by a question like that and noted that she was not fully aware of what its answer could be.

“I have never really thought about that. It is something that is new to me. I do not know whether to say, counsellors or counsels. I cannot really commit myself to that,” she answered

In another instance, Yano was challenged to explain the meaning of the word collegiality which she noted meant a college of judges.

The word collegiality, however, means companionship and cooperation between colleagues who share responsibility.

Yano’s response left a lot to be desired with many Kenyans wondering how she even became a lawyer in the first place with that little knowledge in grammar, which is a basic requirement for one to be admitted to a law school in Kenya.