A man and a woman operating in Juja town along Thika Superhighway have been exposed as notorious fraudsters, who have left many innocent Kenyans hopeless after defrauding them their life savings.

A victim took to social media to seek justice after he lost Ksh 595,000 to one of the fraudsters identified as Nganatha.

The said fraudster approached him with a sweet deal that would have seen him smile to the bank.

He was supposed to supply building materials to a construction site and after signing some fake documents, he handed over Ksh 595,000 to the cunning man, who disappeared with the money and told him to go and report to the police.

The same man also conned another lady Ksh 100,000 2 years ago and despite the victim reporting the matter to the authority, she has never recovered her money.
Here’s what the victim identified as George posted on social media and warned Kenyans to be wary of the two merciless fraudsters.