My husband and I are from different countries i.e. he is Kenyan whereas me I am from Congo,
and we got married in June 2018 before he went to Uganda to study (he is 38 and I’m 34). I quit my job and followed him there, but we had to go back to Kenya at the start of this year due to his father’s health. It was difficult living with his mother as he has always taken care of them and are very dependent on him, which I don’t mind but he doesn’t know where to draw the line between me as his wife and his mother. She refuses to let me help within the house and puts me in a bad light in front of my husband.

Aside from those, my husband’s stress had been escalating since as he was worrying about my legality to stay in Kenya I couldn’t work without a work permit so I didn’t know how else to help him, renting because they already sold their house, starting a new demanding job, not being able to buy a house yet as he had just started working, his father’s worsening cancer.

It seemed like he was doing it all alone, and one night over an argument on helping around the house, he zoomed in on my small legs and it was all a blur but just because I mentioned polio of my father when he was little which was a threat but he didn’t have it, he accused me of lying to him all along and was so angry.

I decided that I needed to go home to Congo first as I was staying illegally in the home theywere renting, he was worried with the finances and I had to find a way to get checked so I can prove to him that I didn’t have polio or any of the other diseases he suspects.

When I got back home last March, we were still talking on the phone and sending texts, but after a heated argument over the phone, he stopped altogether. He was very cold and in fear of him abandoning me, I started telling him that I’ll make plans aside from going back to where he is so we can start a life elsewhere probably in Tanzania and since the application for my long term pass seemed impossible. He was angry and wouldn’t talk to me, and I got angry too and we exchanged some hurtful words, which I deeply regretted.

But now I was out of touch with him and would do anything to apologize to him. I really wanted him back in my life. So one time as I am going through my Facebook, I see a post from Kiwanga doctors with the specialties they
have. I sent them a message and we went on talking and finally promised to do for me a spell
that would give me good luck and probably find my way back to Kenya. My heart was still
lingering and longing for my husband.

I continued texting him, to which he was very cold but still replied with sentence or two. He said he needed time and space to sort out his life.A week later miraculously, my pass was approved and I paid for it immediately thinking he would welcome the idea of me coming over so I can work and help him, but he got angry again that I went ahead without asking him and said he didn’t want me there, didn’t want to see me, that he didn’t trust me or anyone, didn’t want my or anyone’s help, didn’t feel anything anymore, he’s in danger of losing his job but didn’t want to tell me anything else.

I asked him what he meant because to actually stop this pass for us to be together seemed like a major decision. I asked if he wanted a divorce or annulment, and he said “if that’s what you want, go ahead. I can’t answer any of your other questions right now”.At this point I knew that he needed my help more than ever despite faking strength and claiming that he didn’t need anyone’s help.

I got my pass and travelled from Congo into Uganda from where I took a flight to Kenya. Within a few hours, I was back in Kenya and I went straight to his apartment.At first he seemed pissed to see me but I sat him down an explained to him that there was no need for the anger and resentment. I had some money on me and the first thing I did when I settled in was start a fast food restaurant. I also kept Kiwanga doctors close and we also did a financial spell so as to secure the restaurant and soon the restaurant was picking peoples interest and business was booming and the future was bright.

Slowly by slowly, I was able to build back confidence in my man that he didn’t have to push me away. I remembered the good luck spells done by kiwanga doctors and smiled to myself.However one more problem stood in my way and this was my mother in-law. I was lost of ideas

so I still went back to Kiwanga doctors to help me with a spell to soften my mother in-law and
accept my presence in his son’s life. The spell was successful and as I write this, she call me her favorite person. Things have changes so much that she now treats me like her daughter. I would personally like to thank Kiwanga doctors for they turned my life around.

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