Siaya Senator and Senior Counsel James Orengo’s wayward position on the controversial Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) is causing many people sleepless nights and not just Raila Odinga.

According to sources, President Uhuru Kenyatta is equally worried about the fate of BBI after Orengo and some of his friends declared some of the proposals in the BBI as unconstitutional.

Orengo recently questioned the authenticity of the document released to the public.

He further poked holes in the legality as well as distribution of the proposed 70 new constituencies.

Sources intimate that Orengo’s stand on BBI is akin to an attempted coup against Raila Odinga for the Luo kingpinship, something that has unsettled even the president, who is banking on Baba and his influence across the country to pass the BBI document.

Orengo, who has been labelled a traitor by Raila’s allies, was reportedly summoned to Raila’s Karen home and State House to persuade him to drop his tough stance on the BBI Bill so as not to embarrass the ODM leader and the president.