The mother of Elijah Obuong, one of the Kitengela friends whose body was found last week by sand harvesters in Murang’a County, has spoken.

Obuong’s mother stated that she had identified the body as that of his son, noting that his body was intact and only had a few bruises.

She suspected that her son could have been strangled to death.

My Son Was a Staunch Adventist And Never Took Alcohol But He Had Criminal Friends And It Was Just a Matter Of Time – Mother To One Of The Kitengela Men Speaks

Following reports that the four friends were involved in criminal activities, Obuong’s mother defended her son, saying that he was only just a victim of circumstances.

“My son was a staunch Adventist and did not take alcoholic drinks.”

“He only had friends of questionable character,” she stated.

“It is painful. It is cruel and merciless to kill such an innocent, harmless person.”

“My firstborn son has died a cruel death leaving his only other brother and us,” she added.

Obuong’s brother reiterated his mother’s sentiments saying that the family was surprised that he had been branded a criminal.

The four men; Jack Ochieng, Benjamin Imbai, Brian Odour and Obuong, went missing after having lunch at a popular club in Kitengela.

They allegedly left in a white Toyota Mark X only to be reported missing a few hours later.

The deceased body was recovered on April 20, 2021, just a day after he was reported missing. His body was taken to the mortuary and marked as an ‘unidentified male adult.’

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