Fresh details on the motive behind the brutal murder of senior KBC journalist, Betty Barasa, have emerged.

According to detectives involved in investigations, the assassins who murdered Betty were hired by her sponsor’s wife.

The deceased journalist was reportedly having an affair with a Nairobi-based businessman, who used to bankroll her.

Detectives believe that her sponsor’s jilted wife, who also lives in Ngong, hired the killers to eliminate her.

So far, the sleuths have managed to identify one of the hired gunmen but are yet to make an arrest.

They are closing in on members of the gang to recover the AK-47 assault rifle that was used in the murder.

“We don’t want to arrest suspects and not recover the murder weapon. We want to get both the evidence and the suspect,” a detective involved in the probe said.

Betty was ambushed by the assassins on April 14 when she was returning home from work.

She was shot and killed inside her bedroom by one of the gang members, who was receiving instructions on phone from an unknown person.