This is a confession about my best friend Olivia. Just five days after Kyle Kimathi was born on a cold November day in 2018, he was stolen out of his mother’s home by a stranger she had just befriended. Olivia Kichome was 16 years old when she gave birth to Kyle on Nov. 1, 2018 at Jomo Kenyatta International Hospital.

A few hours after she gave birth to Kyle, Olivia went up to the nursery to see her son when “Stella Athi” showed up and introduced herself. Olivia recalled that Stella was about 23 or 24 years old and stood about 5-foot-5, with smooth, light skin, full lips and a mole on her face. She wore a red headscarf. The two stared at the babies through the glass. Stella asked Olivia which baby was hers. Stella then pointed to a girl and said that was her niece as her sister had just given birth. The last name of the baby Stella pointed to was “Morris.”

Stella walked back to Olivia’s room and the two chatted for a while. On Nov. 3, the day Olivia
and her baby were set to be discharged, Stella returned for another visit. This time she asked for a ride home. The driver first dropped Olivia off at her mother’s apartment in Carver Homes.
Olivia surmised that is how Stella found out where she lived. On Nov. 6, Stella paid another visit, saying that she had ridden the taxi to visit her. Olivia let her in and the two talked. Tony, Olivia’s brother, sat in the living room with taking care of a nephew-the newborn son of another sister.

About an hour into the visit, Olivia went upstairs to take a shower. Tony ended up falling asleep
later noting “it was one of those cold days… and the heat was feeling good and I ended up
going to sleep.” When Olivia came back down, Stella and Kyle were gone. Olivia nudged Tony
and told him to wake up. Tony said Stella picked the baby up to keep him from crying and she walked out the front door saying he did not think anything of it since he thought Stella was
Olivia’s friend. Olivia ran outside where a woman told her a lady with a small baby wrapped in a blue blanket had entered the passenger side of a brown car that pulled up and then drove away.

It was the last time Olivia saw Kyle or Stella.
Olivia said the Nairobi Police Department came and took a statement, but not much was done.
The initial police investigation proved everything Stella had told her was false. There had been no patient at Jomo Kenyatta International hospital with a sister named Stella Athi. Stella Athi ‘s true identity was never determined. Eventually, police told Olivia that Kyle probably had been sold to someone outside Kenya. Olivia later said “the police didn’t give me much help because I was poor” and that the “detectives never really talked to [her] about much” noting that “they kind of brushed [her] off.”

Olivia carried guilt from the day Kyle went missing because she let Stella inside the house. Her mother blamed her for the disappearance along with her boyfriend as well. Olivia and her boyfriend split up and at one point she ran berserk. It was a lot to comprehend losing a baby and the most trusted people in her life distanced themselves from her.

After two years of a futile search, I suggested to Olivia that we had to try something new for we were ever going to achieve a different result. So we looked for credible contacts that could help us return Kyle. Among the contact we got, was Kiwanga doctors. I called them and explained what kind of services we needed and they agreed to making an appointment.

I prepared Olivia early in the morning since she was now getting more depressed and we met
with Kiwanga Doctors. The spell was made and we were also given a spell book and a ring to
keep with us all time. It didn’t take long and the meeting was done. We kept searching and in
touch with the police detectives and the local authorities but there was no response.

One cold Thursday as I am with Olivia in her mother’s apartment, we heard a knock on the door.At first Olivia asked me if I was expecting any visitors to which I replied “No”. She reluctantly opened the door without any enthusiasm. However I saw her facial expression change like she had been shocked. Then she busted out screaming “Stella”. She was very furious and shocked at the same time too that tears were rolling down her eyes but words fail to come out of her mouth.

On approaching the door, I saw Stella in tattered clothes looking very dirty, she had a
snake coiled around her neck and she was saying she can take us to the person who she sold the baby to. I called the police and Stella was taken into custody. She was checked if she wasn’t insane and when she was asked where she took the baby, she relied that she had sold the baby to a Ugandan family and was willing to take us there. Long story short, baby Kyle was recovered and we called Kiwanga Doctors to release Stella from the powers of the spell. Also Olivia’s boyfriend came back and they gave birth to more babies. Thank you Kiwanga Doctors.

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