Home News See How Kenyan Ladies Use Kiberiti (Match Sticks) To Cheat On Husbands

See How Kenyan Ladies Use Kiberiti (Match Sticks) To Cheat On Husbands

‘Kiberiti’ Puzzle: Magic Stick Women Are Using After Sex to Conceal Infidelity

The kiberiti (matchbox) is one of the most controversial topics hashed out by Kenyans on various social networks in the past week.

If you are asking yourself why a matchbox could be a trending topic, we will explain to you in detail how it is used by some Kenyan women to conceal infidelity.

Reportedly, the conversation between a married woman and a secret lover is the root cause of the “Kiberiti narrative’’

According to the WhatsApp chat, the woman’s husband is a teacher and is currently in the city marking the 2020 KCSE examination.

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The woman seems to want to spend more quality time with her lover during the  period her husband is away as below;

Married Woman: “Sweet boy.”

Secret Lover: “Sasa.”

Married Woman: “My foolish husband will be away for two weeks, I want to be with you.”

Secret Lover: “Really! When?”

But the covert lover was shocked when the cheating wife expressed her desire to have a child with him as soon as possible.c

“I must carry your pregnancy. I will be on my fertile days, don’t disappoint,” she said.

The lover then proceeds to ask how her husband would be kept away from the secret about the same, and the married woman vaguely claimed that a kiberiti was the solution.

“Don’ worry. I will use a kiberiti and the baby will come out looking like me,” she promised.

So, how does a matchstick come in? A person claiming to be a doctor has explained the logic behind the matchstick.

According to the doctor, a matchstick contains potassium chlorate and sulfur chemicals.

Supposedly, potassium chlorate makes the sperm immotile and because the Y chromosomes possess a short life span, it is almost impossible for any of them to fertilize a female egg.

Instead, one of the X chromosomes from the male will fertilize and the baby will be a girl thus heightening the chances of the baby resembling her mother.

If the baby takes after her mother, it is unlikely that the husband will think the wife stepped out of the marriage.

Do you think using Kiberiti is applicable? If yes, how is it done?

“You take the particles of say three matchsticks. You place them at the circumference of the genital area three hours before coitus. The Kiberiti particles have Sulphur that will alternate with the Y chromosome. It neutralizes the sperm identity, thus weakening the resemblance of the father resulting in much activeness of the other’s gene,” said a woman with a pseudo account on Facebook.

Either way, there is always an element of truth behind every rumor.