Back in my final year of high school, I had turned 18 a few weeks prior to this. I went to a special computer technology school, and at the time I went to this school females in this field were very uncommon. It was a programming course and Microsoft Operating System certification course and I was the only female in this class. I was not a virgin by any means at this time, I had lost my virginity 3 months earlier in a one night stand with a military guy.

In this class I was the only female, but didn’t quite know how it felt like till I attended the first
class. But that didn’t stop me from pushing for my dream. At the back of my mind, I didn’t have
any suspicions in anyone and hence was very happy and dressed like how I wanted; I wore low cut tops that showed massive cleavage, I wore skirts and knee high boots, I wore long skirts, I wore jeans basically it wasn’t anything special. However I don’t think I was inappropriately dressed as I didn’t get a dress code violation all the days I turned up for school.Since this was a special school (day school) most of the students rode a handful of matatus home together.

So one day after school, I got to the park and there I board a matatu for my 2
hour ride home. I am sitting right behind the driver, turns out this is a blind spot for the matatu mirror. A male student went on and sat next to me, we shall call him Eric. I had known Eric for a year now, and he actually looked good. We are chatting normally as the matatu moved along. As the journey progressed, other passengers kept going off as they had reached their destination so here I am in a matatu with the driver, two unknown passengers, Eric and three other students who I don’t clearly remember.

Soon he grabs my hand and puts it on his crotch and he is quite hard, I immediately pull my hand away and ask him what he is doing, he whispers to me “I know you want this, it’s why you dress like a slut” and I said “no I don’t”.Well that didn’t stop him, he pulled his cock out and it is hard, he grabbed me by my hair and forced my mouth down on his cock. I was fighting him at this point, just trying to get away but I was also terrified. I was terrified of what the bus driver would think, what my parents would think when this got back to them. I did eventually get my head back up and I told him “No I don’t want to do this”, but he just grabbed my hair and pushed my head and forced me back down. At this point I stopped struggling because I was terrified of causing a scene and being caught and in getting trouble. I gave up and let him move my head up down while he fucked my mouth. I got moments of reprieve when a certain student was getting off the matatu, he would stop and let me up and cover his cock up, but it was right back to it once we started moving again. He started to cum and I fought to get up but he held me down and forced me to swallow his cum. He then zipped up and moved to another seat. I had about 30 minutes left my bus ride after this. I don’t remember what my actual thoughts of this were, but I think I was lost and confused. I won’t go into super detail about this next part because it is very similar.

Eric told his friends he raped me. He did it again a few days later. Then his friend did it to me a week later.My life felt horrible those months. I felt I had lost my happiness and respect. I felt everyone treated me like a whore but I didn’t know who to talk to as no one would believe me. I started getting complications in my stomach and couldn’t eat food any more.

When I went to the doctors, I was told I had an infection but that it was treatable and could be healed. I paid for my medication but one day as I had reported for my weekly checkup the medic at the hospital asked me who had done such things to me. I didn’t know how to reply but I guess he saw the discomfort I was in trying to forge an answer for him. “Don’t worry about telling me, I know someone who can help you avenge that predator”. I picked my medical report and medicine and as I was leaving, he gave a business card and told me to call the number on it.

On checking out the business card, there was Kiwanga Doctors written in bold, a telephone
number, e-mail contact and the website. I first checked out their website to find out what they
do. I saw a catalogue of spells and other services and thought to myself “I have to get even”. I called Kiwanga Doctors and went through my story and asked for a revenge spell.

The doctors told me he could do it and we made and appointment. I showed up and pretty soon the spell was made. After a week or two had passed since the spell was made, I realized that Eric and his friends were no longer coming to school. I thought to myself that maybe they had died. No! they hadn’t but I overhead one of the students saying that Eric had lost his penis and it had been replaced with the female private part. He had to go to look for treatment and as for his friends, they didn’t show up to school either and neither did they do the final exams. I didn’t really care what happened to them but am sure they got their fair share.

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