I wouldn’t say where I work. But my boss is actually a very unpredictable man. He is the type who would not say a thing all day only to give you some work minutes before your logout time which would take hours to complete. I work in general shift and there is no overtime. So, more than half the week my plans were ruined because of him.

Now what I did wasn’t to spite him. I met this woman in Westgate mall last December as I had escorted my sister to help her with shopping. We quickly picked up a conversation, then I got to know her age. She told me she is 24 and seemed fun when we started talking. I wasn’t looking for anything serious and she didn’t seem like she was looking for anything serious either. So,that was perfect. We planned on meeting the following Friday night at 8pm. Now, I was worried about my boss. That guy had ruined a lot of dates. But, this time seemed rather opportune as I got to know that he was traveling to some Kisumu for official purpose. I got to know on the d-day morning when I queried about his absence that day.


So, plans go as scheduled and at the agreed time, I get to met this lady, let’s call her Claire.
Claire was this confident 24 year old slim thick woman with nice hair and a pretty good accent.
So, we go to the carnival as she was in the mood to eat some meat just like me. While at the carnival, I found out that she takes beer too which didn’t really bother me but rather made her even more attractive to me. When we were done, she seemed like she was chilled with the
weather so I gave her my sweater, and then she asks me to where would I want to go next. I
politely asked her if it was ok if we go to her place as I share a one room apartment with another guy who is in town. She agrees to it.

We go over to her place and make sweet sweet love. Oh she was so good. I have had s3x just
over a week ago with another woman but she made me finish under three minutes. I never get
off so easily and honestly I was ashamed. She said, it’s ok and asked me if I would like to join her in a bath. It was fun bathing. She had a really nice apartment with a big bathroom. We bathed and returned to the room when I initiated a second round as I swore to myself that I would redeem myself. I did a lot better but it’s not easy to restrain yourself inside her. Only God knows how good she was but she really stuck with my heart. I stayed the night and next morning I woke up to her serving me breakfast.

Now, I was a little worried and started getting dressed. She was really good and over night I had changed my mind and was now considering making a second date and even probably date her. I was taken back by my job that pay less than enough shillings but I had to kill the negative thoughts.However she assured me she didn’t want anything serious, and I was heartbroken. She was just being polite while I was leaving. But, I panicked and left.

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Well, weekend got done and Monday my boss retuned with good news that he was being promoted and he had picked me for his position if I still wanted it. It was a good raise and came with better hours. I said yes. Then, he
said that I would report to his boss from now on. He is being transferred to a different division.He went on to invite the whole department including close friends to his place for a party in the evening.

Once, I stopped my car at the address, I saw the apartment and it was the same as the
one where I stayed over on Friday. I got worried for a moment but then let it slide as it could be his neighbor I was with. But, it was not what I thought. The guy is 36 and his wife is 24. She married him for the money but I latter found out that the s3x is not adequate.

In this situation I already knew what needed to be done. I knew Claire had already been
mesmerized by me but couldn’t admit to having fallen for me. What had strained me earlier
wasn’t a barrier anymore as I had just gotten a raise. So I just needed to move one more piece
for the odds to be in my favor. I got my phone and called Kiwanga Doctors to find out if they
could help me with a love spell for Claire. The respondent on the phone told me that’s their
expertise. I made an appointment as I was still enjoying my boss’ party and my soon to be
girlfriend. The party ends soon and say goodbye and head home alone in the car.

The following day Tuesday came so fast as I stayed awake all night, anticipating my meeting. I called in at work that I would be coming in late as I had a hospital appointment. I met Kiwanga Doctors and went over my story and the kind of spell I need. It didn’t take long and the love spell was released. I was told just to keep in touch with Claire and tell her about my proposition to move her to my home to become my wife.

A day went by after I had told Claire that she should come with me to start a family and give her adequate s3x. She replied and said she’d get back to me. On Thursday she called me saying there is no where she would rather be as she had never felt more comfortable as she had felt with me. That’s how powerful the kiwanga love spell is. Until now, I don’t know how I control my joy as I got my boss’ girlfriend and his job too. 2020 was going good till February. Stay home and stay safe.

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