Me and my husband Canary have been married for 5 years. We tried for a child for 6 months after miscarrying in August. The day I found out I was pregnant he was packing his things and leaving to go to a friend’s house. This came out of nowhere and blindsided me. I thought we had a solid relationship and he hadn’t told me that he wasn’t happy. He said I should have known he wasn’t happy. And I did have a
feeling he wasn’t. I asked him several times if he was ok and if we were ok and he kept telling me yes so I trusted that answer.

He said he needed space. What he said would last for 3 days ended up lasting 2
months.He was not who I married. He accused me of cheating and went on telling our friends and relatives he didn’t think this baby that I was carrying was his. He wanted a paternity test. I agreed to it. Then he started telling people I said no to the paternity test.

Then he had this coworker named Irene that I was already uncomfortable with him talking to. It turned out that’s the woman he sought out an extra marital affair with. They made out more than 4 times and he claims it didn’t go further than that. He claims she tried to have intercourse a couple of times and he rejected her because he didn’t want s3x yet and he was still hung up on his hurt feelings with me since we both lost our virginity to each other. He had told me the day before yesterday.

After a while, he agreed to come back home and we had s3x twice that night and I just felt sad at the end. I had thought that it’d make me feel better, since he had left Irene and instead chose me, but thinking about it more intensely, I realized that he should’ve chose me to start with. I couldn’t stop crying, because i was so hurt and I kept thinking about it. It had never crossed my mind that even in a million years he
would cheat on me. He tried to justify his cheating by saying he didn’t know if we were going to work it out and he thought we were done. But he never relayed the message to me. I kept pushing for him and making sure I don’t give up on the love of my life. I would call him morning, afternoon and night nonstop.

Last we talked we agreed no flirting and we needed to stay loyal to each other while we figured out the future of our relationship and that of our baby, he told me he wasn’t flirting with anyone anymore and even claimed he wasn’t talking to her Irene anymore.At this point I thought that I had finally won him back however to my surprise after that meeting, the next day, he told me to “leave him alone for a week.” And that he loved me. Then he went on and blocked me on all social media platforms and even his phone. My calls to him wouldn’t go through, I tried sending him messages on Facebook and whatsaap but all in vain. This is when I made up my mind an realized he was taking me for granted. He wasn’t thinking about the fact that I had left Turkana to come to Kisumu and start a family with him. He had forgotten all about me entirely and was taking me for granted.

I gave my elder brother a phone call as I needed some money. I ended up telling him about what I was going through. He told me to be strong and that I would overcome all the shame and disregard my husband was putting me through. He told me about Kiwanga Doctors and even gave me their contact.

Early next morning, I called Kiwanga Doctors to help me save my marriage. They made for me a marriage spell that would help clean up my marriage and also assist in giving birth. The doctors assured me of quick results to which I kept my hopes as I was confident enough.

Canary called me after a while apologizing for ignoring the pregnancy and talking about me negatively with our friends and relatives. He
even went on to denounce Irene saying that all she wanted him for was s3x and to have s3x. He swore that he was regretful for hurting me and believed that I was his true wife since I had not given up on him.He didn’t seem like he wanted to come home at first and when I confronted him about it, he replied saying he was too shy. It took him some time to heal and come back to reality that I had forgiven him and
it was safe for him to come back home.

Even when he got home he never wanted to have s3x with me. I realized that he was still in fear and had a lot of healing to do. He couldn’t contemplate that I could forgive him after all he had put me through but I remembered what Kiwanga Doctors had told me “Open your heart if you want the spell to work” and surely it did work. I loved this man with everything I had and
thanks to Kiwanga Doctors marriage spell, I managed to save my marriage and also secure a future for my baby. Thank you Kiwanga Doctors for spells that help us.

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