Deputy Chief Justice, Philomena Mwilu, was forced to cut short her questions to Court of Appeal Judge William Ouko, who is seeking to become the 15th Chief Justice of the Republic of Kenya.

In her opening remarks, Judicial Service Commission (JSC) panel chairperson, Prof Olive Mugenda, had asked the members of the panel to be brief in the questioning and observe the time that each was allocated.

But Mwilu, who is the acting Chief Justice, had gone past her time, and it forced the intervention of the chairperson.

Mugenda asked the DCJ to be brief after she had indicated that she still had about three questions left with her.

This forced Mwilu to summarise her three questions into two, which she posed before the candidate, and called it a day, as far as her role is concerned.

Mwilu is currently acting as the President of the Judiciary following the retirement of Chief Justice David Kenani Maraga early this year.

If judge Ouko impresses the panel, then he will become the Chief Justice, taking on an arm of the government that is always at logger-head with the executive.

Should he get the nod, his first task will probably be convincing President Uhuru to appoint the forty-one judges, who were forwarded to him by JSC in 2019.