It seems nobody is faithful in relationships or marriages nowadays

While cheating used to be a preserve of randy men, women are catching up with men and they seem to be very smart cheats.

A case in point is this leaked conversation between a married woman and her younger lover (Ben 10) that has left tongues wagging and jaws-dropping.

From the screenshot, the lady tells her toyboy that her husband, who is a Secondary School teacher, will be away for two weeks to mark KCSE.

She goes on to reveal that she wants to take advantage of her husband’s absence to not only have a good time but also get pregnant.

When the shocked toyboy asked her if she has thought about the possibility of the baby resembling him – meaning the husband knows him well – she had a crazy response.

Apparently, there is another use of the matchstick (Kiberiti) other than lighting and starting fire.

A creative netizen took it upon herself to explain how the Kiberiti works and it is mind-boggling.