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DCI Kinoti Attacks Purity Mwambia Over Her Expose On Police Rendering Guns To Criminals


The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Director George Kinoti has rendered the Guns Galore expose by Citizen TV investigative journalist Purity Mwambia useless.

This is after he jealously defended the National Police Service from Mwambia’s allegations that rogue police officers were aiding criminal activities by lending their guns to criminals to commit crimes.

But according to Kinoti, Mwambia’s expose is pure work of fiction at best and it is fake.

He denied that the seized arms were owned by the government adding the report was maliciously aimed at discrediting and humiliating the police service.

“The report seemed to be a malicious attempt to discredit the National Police Service; we can only conclude that it was aimed at creating public pandemonium over the management of the security sector,” he said.

The DCI boss said the allegations raised in the report were serious and his team would ask Mwambia and her colleagues to record a statement to shed more light on the matter.

“We cannot fully confirm the truthfulness at the moment because we have just launched investigations to ascertain the genesis and likely loopholes being exploited by a few criminal elements in the service,” Kinoti said.

Further, he asked the media fraternity to engage the authorities while conducting such investigative reports especially because of their security.

During the press conference, DCI ballistic experts also examined the firearms and said they did not have any serial number to prove they were owned by Kenyan law enforcers.

“This firearm (one obtained from the expose) does not have any such markings meaning that it does not belong to the government or the police,” the expert said while making a comparison of the guns.

This comes even as most Kenyans seem to agree with Mwambia, accusing the police of being complicit in the crimes bedeviling the country.