Kamua Kamua by Ochungulo Family [Video Download].

Ochungulo Family – Kamua Kamua [Mp3 Download]

Ochungulo Family is undoubtedly one of the most sought after Gengetone groups in the country. Their separation months ago was a huge blow to Gengetone fans. Their message before splitting had everyone convinced they were never getting back again.

”To all our Fans…We wanna say Thank you for the support you have given us the past for few years. You have been good to us, God has been good to us and the music has been good to us. We have reached a point we have different goals and targets. So the decision of us splitting is a mutual feeling and we saw that as the best way forward. Again, Thank you so much for the support!!! We shall meet again. God bless you all”

Brothers Re-Unite

They also deleted all their songs from YouTube and Nelly the Goon took over the YouTube channel. Shortly after, one of their members, Benzema, released a song without his brothers, Dmoore and Nelly the Goon.Ltgtg

Good news to Gengetone fans; the group has finally re-united and are set to release a banger dubbed ‘Kamua kamua’.

One of their fans reacted;

😂hamkuachana???? Alaaa niiiicceeee”

This is probably the best news today for any Gengetone lover. Ochungulo Family hardly disappoint. I bet their new music will be a hit song. The video premiers in 2 days on YouTube.

Ochungulo Family is one of the most sought-after Gengetone groups in Kenya.

It is made up of three members; NellytheGoonD’more and Benzema/Alejandro (real name David).

All three members of the group hail from the Southlands neighborhood in Lang’ata Constituency, Nairobi.

While they found success as a unit, the three long-time friends had long been pursuing solo careers.

NellytheGoon was a solo rapper, flowing in English over trap beats, a far cry from his now famous witty Sheng’ wordplay style.

D’more was looking to break into the mainstream of Kenyan music with various urban afro-pop and club banger tunes.

Benzema, on the other hand, had been in the game for years as an electronic music producer and event organizer.

He was a member of Lectronica Circle, one of Kenya’s earliest EDM groups. Benzema was also key in organizing Daylight Insomnia, a daytime event that was wildly popular with teenagers in Nairobi between 2012 and 2014.

Ochungulo Family first gained sizeable traction with the release of Bora Uhai, by NellytheGoon and D’more, in 2018.

They quickly followed it up with the release of Krimino and Na Iwake, a Gengetone banger which also introduced Benzema as part of Ochungulo Family. Krimino and Na Iwake set the stage for the group’s success.

On December 12, 2018, Ochungulo Family headlined Loud.co.ke‘s (then Loud254) Jahuri day party in Eldoret. It was one of their first ever shows as a unit.


Wanati is a platform for artists established by Ochungulo Family’s D’more and NellytheGoon.

It undertakes various musical projects with a wide range of upcoming and established artists.

Among artists Wanati has worked with so far are Parroty, Addi Chokoch, Kappy, Kabagazi and Vintage Clan.

Wanati has built up its own dedicated following and released numerous hits in the process.

Among hits from Wanati are Tuko LockedGet a Tako, Lewa and Saa Moja.


Benzema aka Alejandro is one of Ochungulo’s most talked-about members thanks to his raunchy lyrics and antics.

In 2020, he was featured on rapper Noti Flow’s single Foto Moto.

The single, along with its suggestive music video, ended up as one of the biggest hits of the year.

It, however, also saw Benzema and Noti Flow finding themselves in the tabloids.

Noti Flow claimed that she decided not to sleep with Benzema as he was unwilling to use protection.

Benzema, on the other hand, denied the claims and maintained he had no interest in Noti Flow. In one interview, Benzema claimed that he took Noti Flow to bed after she blacked out during a studio session.