Mbuzi Gang X Mbokotho X Harry Craze – Alaa! [Video Download].

Mbuzi Gang Ft Mbokotho & Harry Craze – Alaa [Mp3 Download]

Mbuzi Gang is a self made gengetone band comprising Joefes, Farthermore and iphoolish. Managed by Kashkeed a bad ass producer, it is purely vibes here. You should see the energy bred. It’s fair to say that they’re doing the most.

Brief description.


Also known on the sides as Mr. Nun. Kenyan rapper, songwriter. ‘Verbally Expressive With Nouns.’

Super innovative and always on the lookout for new ideas. A little more commitment, a little more prosperity. Writes his own rap lyrics.


The creative thinker and voice behind Saidong and other projects. Iphoolish is a dreamer and hopes that the gang will one day be known internationally.


Juggling between school and music is a difficult task, not for the faint at heart. This is why I give him mad respect. Cool guy, super super talented. Together this three form the fire group, Mbuzi Gang.

You thought SHAMRA SHAMRA was a hit? Well, it was.Wait though, till Sherehe sheria drops. Don’t say I didn’t warn you 😃. With Jovial stepping fully into the limelight, Sherehe sheria will forever be known as a hit.

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