Citizen TV’s investigative Journalist, Purity Mwambia, is the woman of the moment after she did an expose of how police rent guns to criminals.

In the expose that was aired by the popular TV on Sunday evening, the fearless journalist revealed how rogue Administration police officers, General Service Unit (GSU) officers, and even Kenya Army officers rent guns to criminals in exchange for money.

Purity narrated how notorious thugs hire guns and police regalia from police officers for criminal activities.

However, curious Kenyans noted that Purity wore different rosaries matching her outfit throughout the investigation.

The rosary is more than a prayer. It symbolizes a believer’s destiny in and with God according to Mary’s example.

To live up to this destiny, one needs faith in God’s marvelous deeds, perseverance in his ways (hope), and a practical attitude toward living one’s faith.

Kenyans also prayed to God to protect Purity from any danger at all costs since she risked her precious life by exposing the rogue police officers who put Kenyans’ lives in danger.

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