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My Boyfriend Of Two Years Suddenly Ghosted Me

My Boyfriend of two years suddenly ghosted me

I was in a loving relationship for two years with the love of my life. We spent nearly every day  together, swapping between our places. We spoke all day, every day. We made plans for the  future. He worked in healthcare, and while he wasn’t Kenyan by birth, he told me he had lived  here all his life. He had many friends, but since he “grew up” out of state in Mumias, none of his  friends were local. He was a brilliant, charming, successful man. 

Our relationship had its ups and downs like any other. Sometimes he would be a little overtired,  busy, or distant. Sometimes he traveled out of the country to see his family as his mom and dad  had moved back to their home country Uganda. Sometimes we argued. But he was my best friend.  I’ve never been closer to anyone. Of course, there were red flags. He didn’t like my friends.  Started distancing me from them. He hated social media, and only had an Instagram and Twitter  that I knew of. But he said at the end of the year his current contract would be up, and he  wanted to discuss “next steps” with me then. I thought he was worth it. So, I waited till his  contract ended to see what we were up to next. Two days after his contract ended, I received a  text from him I will never forget: “She knows.” 

I asked him what the hell that meant, and he told me he had a wife and kids back in his home  country. He didn’t grow up here. He met his friends when he last had a contract here in  Kenya, in Mumias, and he took his whole family with him. His friends didn’t know about me. His  family didn’t know about me. He had accidentally sent his wife a string of messages meant for me, using my name. I didn’t have time to process any of this. He told me he was sorry and he  was flying home immediately after work. I begged him to talk to me. He said he’d call me to say  goodbye after the important meeting. 

I said something about not deserving this, about being betrayed, and in his last reply he said I  was only the mistress; I deserved nothing and I wasn’t the one who had been betrayed. And  then, to make it worse, he coldly hinted that his wife had many wealthy family members in  Kenya who wouldn’t hesitate to ruin my life if I tried to start trouble. That was the last message I  ever received from him. He never called. He blocked me everywhere. Deleted his Instagram  account. I was in shock. He told me he loved me every day. We had so much chemistry and he  was so sweet. We were literally inseparable. 

I couldn’t sleep for two nights consecutively for I kept shaking violently. I wanted to die. “When  will this get better?” I kept asking myself. I still had some of his things in my place and I couldn’t  bear to look at any of it. I don’t know how something like this could happen, but there I was being helpless not having a way forward. I secretly talked to a close friend who was bothered  about my state and let her know my ordeal. I could tell by her concern that she was listening  carefully and when i was done she told me about someone who could help with my situation.  However, she was hesitant to give me the contact at first so I stayed without help. After a few  days of convincing her, she finally sent me the contact and told me what to do.  

Everything I did and everything that was around me reminded me of him and just kept bringing  back memories of him. I doubted my decisions but I was sure of one, nothing he had said had tore my love for him apart and so I wanted him back no matter what. I therefore contacted  Kiwanga doctors to help me piece it all together and how I could get him back. I wanted him to  love me and didn’t care if the world would end and didn’t care if I lost track of time. I made the  call to Kiwanga Doctors and made an appointment. I drove up to Kericho county where their  offices are and made a love spell. I was also given a spell book and I was given instructions. I  followed the orders and after a month I received a notification for a dm from his account. 

I kept my cool at first however I thought to myself that I wanted him to talk to me. I honestly did  know what we were going to talk about with him. He straight up asked me if we could stay up  all night to which I replied that he couldn’t because I can’t spend an entire evening in a phone. I  asked him if he remembered what he had said to me to which he replied that he lost track of  time. So, he went on to say that I always held him down so tenderly and hence force didn’t care  if he was making a bad decision but wanted me back in his life. He apologized for leaving the  way he did. That’s how I knew that he was back finally. I called Kiwanga doctors and thanked  them for their powerful spell. 

I advise anyone with love problems to visit Kiwanga Doctors. Kiwanga Doctors do a diagnosis on  their clients by asking a few questions for self-introspection in the area of one’s life such as  challenges in financial and physical aspects, among others. Kiwanga Doctors’ spell casting  powers work within 24 hours from when they are released. Many others who have been assisted  by Kiwanga Doctors say they have received powerful healing and are now living their best lives.  

The doctors also solve life challenges such as love issues, family problems, hardships in  business, increases your luck, that is, winning lottery games and court cases, promotions at work  and clears away devilish spirits and dreams. 

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