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Yes, I killed Nyokabi – Married Evans Karani Confesses To Detectives As Details Emerge That She Was His Mpango Wa Kando

Yes, I killed Nyokabi – Married Evans Karani confesses to detectives as details emerge that she was his mpango wa kando

Evans Karani, a 38-year-old man who has been arrested in connection with the murder of 25-year-old Catherine Nyokabi, has confessed that he is the one who committed the heinous murder.

Karani was arrested after Nyokabi’s body was discovered in his abandoned car.

According to detectives, the suspect’s car got stuck in the mud on Bob Harris Road in Juja when he was going to discard the body, forcing him to flee the scene.

Curious passers-by discovered the dead body and the abandoned car and alerted police officers from the nearby Juja Police Station.

DCI detectives verified the car ownership from NTSA and launched a manhunt for the suspect.

Karani’s phone was tracked down to his rented house in Githurai, leading to his arrest.

Upon interrogation, he confessed that he is the one who killed Nyokabi.

The suspect, who is married with two kids, revealed that Nyokabi was his ‘mpango wa kando’.

He disclosed that they had a bitter conflict that started two weeks ago before he murdered her on Wednesday.

According to reports, Nyokabi is a hotel worker in Kahawa Wendani.

A detective involved in the probe revealed that Karani tortured Nyokabi before killing her.

He also burnt her body with acid.

Nyokabi’s father revealed that she had introduced Karani to him as her suitor.

“I knew them to be lovers. Just like in any other relationship, they had differences, which I would help them iron out. 

“Two weeks ago, my daughter said she and Karani had broken up. 

“I told her, it was okay; she shouldn’t cling onto a relationship in which she was unhappy. 

“That was the last time I heard of the suspect,” the deceased’s father said.

Here are more photos of Nyokabi.