Deputy President William Ruto has received a huge boost after a Kisii Politician living in the United States donated a high-end car to him for use during his presidential campaigns in 2022.

Ombari Monari, also known as Cosmo Choy, said that the car will be part of the DP’s campaign motorcade ahead of the 2022 General Elections.

“I am giving Samoei Ruto a campaign vehicle for free. I, Cosmo Choy, approve this message,” Monari, who owns a fleet of cars posted on his social media pages.

The politician has been endearing himself to the DP’s camp by supporting Ruto and criticising President Uhuru Kenyatta and pro-Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) politicians.

“Uhuru Kenyatta has 15 months to go home! No power extensions!

“No BBI! Kenyan people come first before power.

“Why should he change the constitution and also brag of being the President,” Monari castigated Uhuru on April 7.

Monari is planning to contest for Embakasi East parliamentary seat in 2022.

The seat is currently occupied by Controversial ODM MP, Babu Owino.