A man butchers his girlfriend, chops of her body parts like nyama choma, and drives the “meat” in his car, for disposal, but on the way the car refused to participate in the murder

The vehicle gets stuck in mud forcing the cold blooded butcher to abandon the car and flee, but he is latter arrested. Shocking!

One reader comments that this is just one of the indicators that the world is ending, based on predictions of the Jewish anthology

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If murder means the world is ending, then it means it has been ending ever since, because the world was just a few years old when Adam’s son invented murder by performing a free throat surgery on Cain

In other news, Dr Ruto badly needs an Odinga, for the son of Kamagut to be president. He needs an Odinga as an opponent and not a coalition partner, because odinga is a scarecrow that he will use to mobilize the mountain vote, as it previously happened in 2013

Without a “nyang’au” called Odinga, this voting block will be very elusive for poor Ilium! Again Muthama is headed by to Wiper as Malulu Injendi joins ANC! What’s happening to UDA? Koliq Barasa is also sitting on the fence. Is that thing is dying slowly and very permanently?

We shift gears to other matters. One pedestrian of Mukuru Kwa Zuckerberg, asks that since Portugal is Ureno, Ethiopia is Uhabeshi, Turkey is Uturuki, etc, Kenya shoud also have a Swahili name, and a creative reader suggests a name “Udenini”

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Lastly, there has been an exodus of Kenyans, especially women, to the Gulf, in search for greener pastures, some professionals and others unskilled and mostly househelps. For years we’ve been treated to horrific stories of torture and mistreatment of these Kenyans at the hands of their hosts, some which end in deaths

Reading these stories you wonder why Kenyans are still flocking there, but again what are the options? The shackles of poverty back home can be more torturous than the sadists of Saudi. Again, I’am learning of Kenyans doing extremely well in the desert countries, working in very humane environment and developing home, at a rate they wouldn’t, had they remained here at Udenini