Acting Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu and Senior counsel Philip Murgor went for each others jugular during the ongoing interviews for the position of Chief Justice.

While appearing for the interviews today, Murgor responded to the questions leveled by the DCJ that led to interactions that bore underlying tensions.

As the acting CJ sought answers specific to her questions, Murgor defended himself from the interruptions made by the DCJ.

“Madam, I will answer your question in the way I see fit,” he replied upon the DCJ asking him to clarify on an answer.

At one moment, the senior counsel did not understand the question presented to him by Mwilu and went on to express his confusion.

“I do not get the question.”

“ I am not even sure that you are with the question yourself,” Murgor stated at which point Mwilu responded,” I am with the question because I am the one who structured the question.”

When asked whether there was a vacuum in the judiciary because there was no Chief Justice, Murgor indirectly responded in affirmative.

“I am not saying that the acting CJ is not doing her best, I am simply saying it’s not the same as having a CJ.”

“Anyone in an acting position is acting for a temporary time.”

“It is not an opinion but a fact that there’s no substantive Chief Justice in office.”

“The limitations are found in the word Acting – run an institution and your term is based on a substantive holder in the holder.”

“Everybody views you through a certain lens, as being temporary,” he stated.

The acting DCJ went on to defend her position, saying her opinion was that there was no vacuum in the position of Chief Justice.

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Murgor had earlier tried to bar DCJ Mwilu from sitting in the ongoing interviews stating that her presence would likely lead to bias and favoritism towards his rival candidate, Senior Counsel Fred Ngatia.