Former State House comptroller, Franklin Bett, has urged Deputy President William Ruto not to fear the infamous ‘deep state’ since he can defeat them in the 2022 presidential election.

In an interview with one of the local dallies on Friday, Bett, who is a former Bureti MP, said the ‘deep state’ is basically the other name for the reigning government and those inside it.

He said the only reason why the ‘deep state’ is feared is that it has the resources needed to achieve its desired results, including financing a presidential candidate fully.

Bett said it is possible to defeat the ‘deep state’ on the condition that you have the support of the women and youth of this country.

The former lawmaker said Ruto, who is being seen as the most hated candidate by the ‘deep state’ currently, is loved by women and youth who call themselves hustlers and he may humiliate the ‘deep state’ badly in 2022.

“The DP has the support of women and youth and this is why he may defeat ‘deep state’ in 2022,” Bett said.

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