Couple of years back I had a coworker who I became good friend with. We started hanging out after work to work out and just vibe. She was too hot with big round eyes and fairly long hair.She had a fair skin that was spotless and blemish less it’s like she had no scar or scratches. Her body was perfectly shaped and she walked gracefully. Her fragrance was beyond refreshing and if she passed by anyone, they would breath in hard. I was falling for her so hard. No sound could ever silence her voice despite her talking softly. Her voice was like music to my ears.

I knew she had a boyfriend, so out of respect I stayed in my lane.Naturally her boyfriend did not like it so well when I would come over so I kept my cool.However, I was feeling her deeply and couldn’t hide it anymore so I approached Kiwanga Doctors to help me with a love spell. It didn’t take long and soon I went up to Kericho county and we did the spell and I was also given a magic ring to help with any other women I ever met.

Few months passed and she begun to open up to me about her life and how her relationship
wasn’t going well as it used to.We were together every day at work and would go to her apartment after work on most days. At
this point her boyfriend became very jealous and his behavior towards our friendship turned
something innocent into a secret relationship.

She invited me over on a Friday night, I texted her as I was on my way and she told me she’s hopping in the shower and to let myself in. I walked in thinking her boyfriend would be there, but it was just us. I yelled out that I had arrived and she said “sorry I’ll be right out” I sat on the couch and turned on the music, I heard the shower turn off and after a few minutes she came out wrapped in a towel “Sorry!” She yelled as she ran to her room. I lit the cigarette and took a few puffs until she came back out. We smoked and drank for a bit and she started telling me her boyfriend was away for the weekend and how their relationship
was still not getting better, how she felt disconnected with him. I comforted her the best I could and changed the subject.

Soon enough we started feeling the effects of the wine. We moved closer, I placed my hands on her thighs and she did the same to me. I moved mine up and she followed my lead. She started stroking me through my basketball shorts as I stimulated her. She was very wet. I could feel it through her pants.Little by little I inched my hand into her pants and started to finger her, she was in exactly as I started to slip my shorts off. I hadn’t had intercourse in months so I was full and throbbing. Once she
saw me naked there was no turning back until we were able to seal the deal. We fell asleep after our Intimacy frenzy. Once morning came; we woke up naked in her bed. We did it again and when we were done, I left. We kept this up for months, every day after work I would come over and spend time with her. We had about an hour and a half every day before her boyfriend got home, so we took advantage of the time. Her boyfriend was still jealous and rude to me but I would just laugh it off, little did he know what his girlfriend was letting me do to her before he arrived.

This went on for a while longer until one day she confided in me that she was confused as to who she would choose. She told me she wanted someone whom she could wake up with every morning and someone she could confide in. I could see that it had taken a toll on her as she was skipping work and had resorted to drinking a lot of alcohol. It was unhealthy and she ended it claiming to want to work on her relationship. At this point I knew I had a lot of commitments to keep up and I didn’t really want to end up disappointing her so I promised to help her with the decision-making process. I went back to Kiwanga Doctors and asked if they could lift the spell which they did. Last I heard they are married now.

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