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Justice Marete Shocks JSC After Saying He Might Die In 3days If Appointed Next Chief Justice


The search for the next Chief Justice entered its fourth day with Justice David Marete taking the stand.

During the interview, Marete shocked the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) panel after he vouched for his wife to be appointed and compensated for her role as his aide if he is appointed as the country’s next Chief Justice.

Marete revealed that he had a medical condition that requires him to have an aide at all times and asked the commission to employ his wife as his aide if he gets the CJ job.

According to him, he required a personal aide since he is visually impaired and has diabetes.

“It is a matter of concern (having an aide) but when I become Chief Justice and move to Nairobi, it will not be an issue anymore.”

“My issue of hypoglycemia is a medical issue which everybody should pay attention to.”

“I cannot live alone whatsoever,” stated Marete to the utter shock of the commission.

“We have a home in Nairobi and a home in Chuka.”

“When you take me to Kericho, my spouse has to accompany me.”

“When I take any work-related trip, she must accompany me on medical grounds.”

“This lady is following me, no one is taking care of her.”

“She has a home to take care of.”

“She has her own issues, she has her own interests, why wouldn’t you compensate her?” asked Marete.

He further explained that he would be entitled to an aide when he ascends to the office only that it has to be his wife because she is specialized.

One of the panelists challenged him that he would be receiving a Ksh20,000 allowance to take care of his disability.

“Persons with a disability allowance which is Ksh20,000 is not supposed to take care of such kind of things. That allowance takes care of the basics.

“There is a difference between that allowance and the issue of aide,” he added.

He added that his situation is so dire and that if he does not get medical attention promptly when complications arise, he might die in three days.

Marete is banking on his experience spanning over 20 years in the legal field to replace retired Chief Justice David Maraga.

He currently serves as Labour and Relations Court judge.