A close confidant of Deputy President William Ruto has revealed the identity of the heartless men who ordered the demolition of over 5000 houses in Njiru, Nairobi County, last week.

The demolition is to pave way for development projects initiated by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Over the weekend, Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leaders condemned the demolitions which mainly affected members of the Luo community.

Taking to his social media pages, former State House blogger, Dennis Itumbi, linked the demolitions to some powerful people, with the orders executed by the Nairobi Metropolitan Service and the Regional Commander in Nairobi.

According to him, a meeting was held on 10 December 2020, according to a classified letter referenced as S/Lnd/6/1/Vol.XI(13) and titled ‘Removal of Illegal Structures Njiru (Ageria) Land.

Itumbi claims that on 10 March 2021, the group decided to go ahead with the demolitions and chose 13th and 14th March as the appropriate date. However, fear of resistance from residents made them hold back.

He further alleges that they patiently waited for the partial lockdown before they executed their plans, at night, when residents were defenseless, and without any eviction orders.

It is alleged that the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) provided resources and 50 enforcement officers, alongside 150 officers that were provided by the Regional Commander for Nairobi.