I am Rahab and I am the last born in a family of three ladies. I was luckily married to Alfred a  bank manager in Kisumu town. He was really my all-time lover in the university where we met  just by the university premises while we were both students and after school we tied the knots  and became husband and wife. We did not much agree with my elder sister for various reasons as  at some point she really canned me when I was a young kid. At times she would tell mum that I  was just but a prostitute who went to the university to seek fornication needs. She was jealous since she  had no opportunity to make through the university due to low grades. The disagreement with her  lasted till my marriage life as she even opposed my marriage life with Alfred each particular  moment. 

One day she came at our house to pay a visit and I was actually in fear since I did not know what  really she was up to. As always our house had a special room where visitors slept and so we did  that when she paid a visit. One day when we were asleep, I happened to sneak by her room to  watch if she was really okay and as my elder sister it was a good move for we cared about each  other despite our differences at some point. When I was about to enter her room I peeped by the  door and what I saw was just a fiction for I never thought it was real. She was holding a gun on  one hand wearing a mask and holding a bandage on one hand and mimicking like she was  shooting someone. It was really a tricky situation for I wanted to scream but my husband would  hardly hear since he was deep in sleep. I was actually in deep thought of what to do next since  she could hear my moves in case of a commotion. 

I decided to take things by my hands but it was too late for she had already seen me. She drugged  me in the room and now we were actually struggling. It was really survival for the fittest. She  shot me by my thigh. Luckily my husband was wakened up by the commotion where he came for  help. My sister escaped where she yapped she was to come the second time with her crew and  this time round someone was to kick the bucket. I really did not know what really drove her do  such harm to me since I was her blood sister and being her younger one she was supposed to take  care of me at any given time. She was supposed to show me the right path to life or at even  protect me at any point but she was just a different animal ready to kill me in my own house. I 

really did not know her motive. At the hospital bed I was really wondering why my blood sister  behaved like a serial killer. But I knew she was not satisfied with the fact that I was married to  such a rich guy and being a younger person I had been married and while her was still single. When I was discharged from the hospital, I met Charity a longtime friend who had come to  check how I was going through. I shared my story to her and she really said my sister was such a  jealous creature and she would cause severe harm if we delayed to take action. Charity added  that she had a solution and I was to visit Kiwanga doctors. The next morning I went to Kiwanga  doctors’ offices and I was evaluated and attended to according to what I addressed as my worry. 

Three days after I was to Kiwanga doctors, my elder sister called me saying she was really  apologetic of what really happened. We organized for a family gathering and she really admitted  she was jealous of my life and for I had been married by a rich man. We decided to move on as a  family and from that day we have lived happily. I really give credit to Kiwanga doctors. The  herbalist also solve issues like stagnated businesses, court cases among others. They cast spells  related to witchcraft; intercourse spells just to mention a few within three days. Do not let life problems  disturb you yet Kiwanga doctors would easily solve them. . . 

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