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See What Susan Kihika And Kimani Ngunjiri Are Doing That Is making Many People Dump Ruto and His UDA Party


The war between Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika and Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri is degenerating into a nasty affair that is slowing Deputy President William Ruto and UDA’s forays in Nakuru County.

According to sources, the war between the two has led to many people deserting Ruto and the UDA party.

Apart from the control of the party billions, the two lawmakers are embroiled in a dispute that has led to several members leaving a local WhatsApp group called “Nakuru UDA Coordination WhatsApp”.

Kihika and Ngunjiri are embroiled in rivalry over who should be the UDA Nakuru regional coordinator.

Ngunjiri prefers her daughter, Edith Kimani, to take the role while Senator Kihika’s group wants Rongai parliamentary loser, Paul Chebor.

The group siding with Chebor has protested that UDA has not conducted an election yet Ngunjiri wants to install his daughter as the county party coordinator.

The Bahati MP is the current chairman of Nakuru county lawmakers and has in the past played down the issue claiming UDA is very strong in Nakuru.