Over the weekend, controversial city politician and lawyer, Karen Nyamu, caused a stir after she leaked a private video of her celebrity baby daddy, Samidoh, begging her for ‘goodies’.

The video, which she leaked without Samidoh’s consent, caused mixed reactions among Netizens and made her trend on Twitter yesterday.

It’s said that Karen leaked the private video to revenge after Samidoh threw jabs at her in a recent song that he released.

In the song that Samidoh released two weeks ago, she portrayed Karen Nyamu as the Biblical Delilah for trying to bring him down and begged God for another chance.

The single mother of two has posted a cryptic message trying to justify her actions after embarrassing Samidoh by leaking their private video in the middle of the night, which has taken social media by a storm.

In the cryptic message that she posted on her Insta stories, Nyamu hints that there’s no respect between her and Samidoh and that’s why they are engaged in ugly social media fights.

Here’s a screenshot of the cryptic message.