A pastor as always is expected to guide the worshipers and the believers the truth way at any given time.Feelings are not usually hidden as they always come out in an awkward way where one may be forced to do certain things he /she did not intend to do.

This was revealed by a pastor in Kericho County who was busted in the act with a church member’s wife who was an usher to the church in his office just before the service had started. According to one of the church members and a friend to the victim of adultery, she had gone in the church to seek divine intervention for they had gone months without having good money
and so going to the pastor for a prayer meeting was the only solution to their problem of no money for a while.

Explaining to the angry crowd what had happened, one of the church members said that when he approached the church he was invited by moaning and laughing sounds of people who were actually intimate. She said the woman was wailing and telling the pastor to cast out demons from her private parts as he was really ordained by God to take care of the believers at a glance. It was shameful because the scene occurred just some minutes to the main service hence all the church services
of the day were postponed following the act.As always a pastor is expected to be a role model but at this point he had crossed lanes by feeding his sheep instead of guiding them the right path.

Drama As Pastor Is Caught In The Act With A Church Member's Wife In His Office

After a while the police arrived at the scene to rescue the angry mob because they had already given him a severe beating at first. He was arraigned in court and after a while he was released.

After sometimes, the pastor started feeling pain in his manhood where at that particular time his scrotum had swelled with severe pain and Pus also came from his manhood.

His wife took him to hospital but the husband to the believer he was having Intimacy with said that things were just beyond the hospital for he
had barred his wife from sharing the cookie with other guys by the help of Kiwanga doctors.

As time went by the pastor’s condition was such wanting. He could not even walk. He had two things that were really disturbing him one being the church could not commence any more due to the act and the second one being his scrotum was really swollen ready to an extend of even touching the ground at that particular time.

The husband had said that the only way the pastor would return to normal was to visit Kiwanga Doctors for treatment. He added that he had there before suspected that the pastor had an affair with his wife and he only wanted to punish him and teach him a lifetime lesson and other pastors who had a similar weakness of feasting their sheep raw in their churches lying that they were out casting demons and helping them solve out life situations.

The pastor was later taken to Kiwanga doctors’ offices by the help of the affected husband. He was assessed and later paid an amount of ksh50,000 to get things back to normal.Three days after coming from Kiwanga doctors the pastor was well again and this time round heo organized crusades to castigate adultery. In the church he warned fellow men not to commit adultery with wives of their fellow friends for that would cause harm as he was once punished. From that day such a scene has never happened.

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