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This is How General Badi Sneaks Uhuru Out Of State House For Convert Missions Without Anyone Noticing


President Uhuru Kenyatta and Kenya Airforce General, Mohamed Badi, have forged a relationship beyond their professional norm which has culminated in trust in each other as the two hang out together.

Apart from appointing him as the Director-General of the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS), Uhuru and Badi have conducted clandestine missions within the city without anyone noticing.

The two sneaked into a nondescript hospital in Nairobi’s slums at odd hours to inspect services.

Badi used his military skills to sneak Uhuru out of the State House for the covert mission in the city without the knowledge of anyone, including Uhuru’s bodyguard.

According to Badi, he convinced Uhuru to disguise himself to witness the pathetic state of hospitals in the city.

The two sneaked out of the State House and into the hospital.

“I was so hurt that women were giving birth and being sent home within 1 hour as there weren’t enough bed spaces.”

“He couldn’t believe it.”

“I asked him to wear a kabuti (overall) so that I could sneak him inside the facility.”

“One night during the Covid-19 pandemic, we sneaked in and no one recognized us.”

“One woman was being chased away to go to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) and she was in labour pain.”

“The car that escorted her to KNH was provided by the President who also cleared all bills for the patients,” Badi said at an event in March 2021.

He added that Uhuru revealed himself and confronted the medics while assuring the public that he would address the health sector.

He also ordered NMS to construct 24 hospitals which were completed by March 2021 and are being launched consecutively.