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How Excess Alcohol Consumption Made My Wife Play Me All Around


It is always a painful thing when one partner cheats in a relationship and there is nothing you can  even do because of love or possessed with them at any particular time. I was an addict in alcohol  consumption where at last I was assessed and later found I was diabetic at the same time.

I work  as a police officer and before I got the job I was just a small farmer back in the village on my  half an acre piece of land that I inherited from my dad. We have four children in our marriage  life who act as our source of joy. Alcohol has been really a disaster to my marriage. Each time I  was at work, I had to take little alcohol so that I could be charm for the day throughout work. When I had not taken little alcohol, I was just but a dull fellow with no say. 

The little money I got from my basic salary all ended up in pubs and other liquor stores. I used to  wake up pass by the pub and at least take two bottles of alcohol before I could go to my work  station. I could really mark a register in the pub and liquor stores and so almost all pub attendant  knew me and at times I could go take alcohol and pay later when I had no money at that specific  time since I was a true customer at any given time. As time went by I started sleeping in the  respective pubs and at times skip work each moment. My job was in limbo situation as I was six  times almost losing the job but since I had a top relative in the police, he really fought for my  space despite my behavior in alcoholism which really was a religion to me. One day I woke up  and when I went for a short call I realized I had some blood stains in my urine at that particular  time. 

I did not hesitate and went to a nearby hospital and there I was told I was diabetic. I was really in  shock for I never thought my alcoholism nature would contribute to this. The condition even  became worse for I could not even walk upright. In addition I was on the verge of losing my  sight something that really worried me. I decided to avoid alcohol for some time so that the  condition would be better. Diabetes became part of me and I would not even meet my wife’s  conjugal rights at any time.

One day I ambushed her as I was from work, she was being screwed by one of my friends. When I asked her why she was doing that she said I was just a walking dead who could not meet her bedroom desires for a long time hence she had found a really banger. I just walked away since I was holding my gun and I would have caused death so walking away was such a wise decision. Those words made me look for someone who would  help me be a real banger. I met Joe my all-time friend. I told him what I was going through and there he promised to assist me to come up with a lasting solution to stop my condition. He  connected me to Kiwanga doctors who i later met after we had arranged and booked an  appointment using a mobile phone communication. I went back home after I was given some  herbs by Kiwanga Doctors and from that time, my body has been responding in a better way. My  wife too is happy since meeting her conjugal rights is what she was really craving for and I came  back to be a beast after I met Kiwanga herbalists. I have also stopped taking alcohol.

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